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About CHOFU’s
Gas Continuous Flow Water Heater

Highly efficient and provides continuous supply of hot water.
That’s the kind of water heater that CHOFU manufactures.

The Reason CHOFU’s Gas-Fired Water Heater is Chosen

Delivering endless hot water

Simultaneously delivers hot water to multiple faucets without changing the temperature.

High efficiency

Heats water only when needed. Highly efficient with no heat dissipation unlike tank type water heaters.

High-pressure water supply

Direct connection to the water pipe enables high-pressured supply of hot water.

Tough, easy to maintenance

Durable and easy to maintain.

Customizable remote controllers available

Optional remote control is convenient. Water temperature can be set independently for kitchen, laundry, and bathroom according to the need. Should it break down, error status and code number will be displayed on the remote control unit. Customized remote controls are available upon request by the customer.

Various Models

Non-condensing models in addition to condensing models are also available at reasonable prices.

What is a Condensing Model?

Condensing model is a water heater that collects vented heat that was thrown out in conventional models and reuses it to heat water. Water can be heated efficiently with little gas, allowing it to be easy on the environment and on the family budget.

Product Lineup

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