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About CHOFU’s
Geothermal Heat Pump System

Effective use of heat energy absorbed from the ground.
We produce pleasant air conditioning with year-round geothermal power stability.

Cooling Mode

Makes cold water by releasing indoor heat into the ground where the temperature is lower than the outside air.
Geothermal heat pump’s exhaust heat is not released outside unlike air conditioners with aerothermal source, thereby preventing heat island phenomenon.

Heating Mode

Heat energy absorbed from the ground is compressed and heated to create heater energy several times that of power consumption.
Uses heat pump system that uses geothermal heat with stability even in midwinter.


Geothermal heat pump cooling and heating system creates a comfortable space with cold and hot water.
The cooling function offers the coolness of a tree shade, and the heating function offers the warmth of a sunny spot.


Geothermal heat pump cooling and heating system absorbs natural heat energy from the ground and creates heating energy approximately 4 times that of the electricity used for its operation.


Reduces CO2 emissions by using geothermal heat, which is natural energy.
Exhaust heat from the air conditioner is not released outside. This allows for the prevention of heat island phenomenon that is becoming an issue in large cities.

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