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About CHOFU’s
Heat Pump System

Low environmental impact product that uses eco-friendly refrigerant to take in ambient air heat as a highly efficient heat source for diverse uses like hot water supply and heating/cooling.

The Reason CHOFU’s Heat Pump System is Chosen


●Can be combined with various systems such as hot water supply, heating, and cooling.
●Can also be used as a conventional system’s heat source replacement.
●Monobloc type requiring no refrigerant construction.

High efficiency

●Takes in heat from the ambient air and uses it, thus generating more heat than the electricity used. Highly efficient operation reduces the burden on the family budget.
●Energy used to supply hot water and to heat indoors accounts for more than half of all household energy use. Using highly efficient heat pump to provide energy is easy on the environment and on the household budget.


●Compact design allows it to be installed in a small space.
●Integrated circulation pump.

Eco-friendly refrigerant and electricity for heat source

●Electricity is used as the energy source. Therefore, greenhouse gases are not emitted when heating indoors and making hot water.
●Low GWP refrigerant R32 is used, resulting in low environmental impact.


Eligible for subsidies depending on the country and the region.
Cases of subsidy provisions are increasing for conventional boiler replacements.


Wide-ranging product line-up from 6 to 16 kW

Remote Control

Can be equipped with a remote control.

Click here for more information on remote controls

What is a Heat Pump System?

Heat pump system uses aerothermal energy to heat water and to heat indoors. Conversely, it also emits heat in the air for indoor cooling. It doesn’t emit greenhouse gases such as CO2 during operation.

Heat Pump Mechanism That Generates Hot Water From Air

Heat pump takes in ambient heat even in winter with low outside temperature.
Heat exchange is done in the following mechanism.

Heat Pump Mechanism

Heat pump technology is widely available in Japan, and new technological researches are being actively carried out. Why? Japan is a country with insufficient natural resources, and therefore is eager to develop products with high energy efficiency. Heat pump is one such product, and it uses aerothermal energy in combination with limited electricity consumption.

Save electricity bill

Household with heat pump could save a third or so of monthly electricity bill comparing to one with electric type heating system.
* The amount you can save varies by conditions.

Save initial cost

Environmental-conscious governments may grant subsidy and/or tax credit to spread highly energy efficient heat pumps from the standpoint of environmental preservation.
* For details, please contact your supplier or local authority.

Remote control

Remote controls with high operability are available upon request by the customer.


●Low tariff mode

●Night mode (Quiet operation)


●Front protection

●Weekly timer oparation (Time band control)

Timer for
Economy / confort mode

exampleComfort ON

05:15 - 07:30

11:30 - 12:45

18:30 - 23:00

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