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CHOFU as Japan brand

Since being the first in the industry to develop oil-fired instantaneous boilers in Japan, CHOFU has become the pioneer brand laying foundation for today’s highly efficient products with low environmental impact. The manufacturing spirit that is conscious of the global environment and customers is still alive today.

Passion for manufacturing and Japan’s diverse climatic environment propel CHOFU to be the world’s leading company as a Japanese brand.

Made in Japan—CHOFU is recognized throughout the world for its quality.


Uncompromising spirit of development is an important factor in making next-generation products.

We are using cutting-edge machines for our development and production. However, machines alone do not create good products. CHOFU’s productions are made possible by the support of the people involved. Techniques of our engineers and skilled workers, and creations of new ideas and methods for delicate processes are things that can’t be done by machines.


Japan has a varied climatic environment that includes tropical and frigid zones. Products are developed that best suit the needs of each area.

Japan is a country with wide temperature variation depending on the area and the season, with temperatures reaching -20℃ in winter and 40℃ in summer.
CHOFU SEISAKUSHO’s advantage is its products that can be safely used under extreme environments such as rainy seasons, typhoons, and earthquakes. Since our foundation in 1954, we have had a track record of our products being used for many years.


Based on our corporate philosophy, CHOFU works to improve and expand our products and to contribute to the society. Our passion has been recognized in Japan, and we have received many awards.

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