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Globally recognized high developmental capability

Relentless challenge.
Technological innovations.

CHOFU possesses one of the highest developmental capabilities in Japan in the field of environmental technology like natural refrigerants. We have obtained certifications from diverse authorities of countries around the world in fields of environmental and product safety.

Abundant Developmental Achievements

We make use of our pioneer spirit and technologies that we’ve accumulated for over 60 years, and are endeavoring to create a life that brings comfort to people and the earth.

Various Hot Water Heat Source Technologies

We are developing equipment that uses diverse heat sources, such as heat pump, electricity, solar energy, and gas.

Heat pump





Numerous Patents

We have many patents on a wide range of products.

Product Type Registration Number Title of Invention
CO2 Heat Pump 5965731 Heating method of hot water storage tank and hot water storage type water heater
CO2 Heat Pump 5312215 Heat recovering system
CO2 Heat Pump 5436933 Hot water supply system
CO2 Heat Pump 4702783 Thermal load prediction device and thermal load prediction method
Heat Pump 3901624 Heating operation method of air conditioning system
Gas-fired Water Heater 6190981 Heat exchanger
Gas-fired Water Heater 6128649 Heating equipment
Gas-fired Water Heater 6126822 Heat exchanger
Gas-fired Water Heater 6016263 Air-fuel mixture distribution structure, piloted rich-lean combustion burner having the same and air-fuel mixture distribution method
Gas-fired Water Heater 5553665 Low NOx burner and gas water heater using the same
Gas-fired Water Heater 5553654 Low NOx burner and gas water heater using the same
Gas-fired Water Heater 5388873 Water heater
Solar Water Heater 4993282 Solar water heater
Solar Water Heater 5415092 Operating method of water heater
Solar Water Heater 5422190 Heat medium injection method
Solar Water Heater 5322532 Water heating method


CHOFU SEISAKUSHO products have been certified in Japan, and by countries around the world and by diverse international agencies.

Developmental Philosophy

Creating a sustainable society that coexists with a rich living environment.

[Creating a Sustainable Society]

Global environmental issues such as global warming, climate change, and air pollution have become common global-scale challenges.
Our state-of-the-art facility and exceptional engineers support the development of low environmental impact products, high optimization of products, and development of products that can respond to disasters.

Mode testing room

Performance testing room

Anechoic room

Shield room

Developments that meet user and market needs

We receive requests from our users for products with low running cost and operational ease, and we develop products that meet these needs.
We also respond to specific needs of each market, such as specifications and the gas type to be used.

Easy-to-maintain structure to offer ease of use for our contractors and maintenance workers.

Consideration for not just product sales, but also for after-sales services. Maintenance ease is also considered in our product development process.

Development with a focus on durability and reliability for use in extreme climates.

We conduct tests under strict conditions to ensure normal operation under diverse climatic conditions. Only products that have fulfilled these requirements and criteria are introduced to the market.

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