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We employ the latest production line to achieve the highest quality and performance.

We are equipped with the most advanced production lines that manufacture high quality and high performing products.

CHOFU manufactures its own control boards, sheet metals, resin molds, and many other parts, conducting strict quality control on all products including individual parts. This has earned CHOFU a high level of trust from customers in Japan and overseas.
Making reliable products and delivering a life of comfort to our customers. That is CHOFU’s mission.

Globally Recognized Achievements

We have 60 years of experience in Japanese market and 30 years of experience in international markets. Our quality is recognized globally.

Shipment History

CHOFU SEISAKUSHO products have been delivered to over 40 nations around the world.
With Europe and the U.S. as our main importers, we export products with high environmental performance and added value. We will continue supplying top quality products to create a sustainable society.


CHOFU SEISAKUSHO products have been certified in Japan, and by countries around the world and by diverse international agencies.

Made in Japan quality

CHOFU SEISAKUSHO product manufacturing is made possible by Japanese quality craftsmanship.
We have optimized the flow of product assembly, quality inspection, and packaging to increase productivity and to manufacture precise products that are both durable and reliable.

The best combination of skilled engineers and robotics enables the manufacturing of a wide variety of products in small quantities and meets the wide-ranging needs of our customers.

We conduct pre-delivery inspections on all products to ensure strict quality control.

Production and Environment

CHOFU SEISAKUSHO manufactures eco-friendly and low environmental impact products, such as products with increased combustion efficiency and those that utilize refrigerant technology. We also work to lower environmental impact during the delivery phase of our products to our customers’ homes by using recyclable materials for packaging and by making mass bulk deliveries.

Energy generation

CHOFU is actively engaged in solar panel installations.
Our factory’s panels can generate 12.6 MW.
Furthermore, we have invested in a biomass power plant with a power generation output of 74.950 kW and will build one in our site.


We avoid using packaging materials that emit greenhouse gases as much as possible.

Energy use in transportation

CHOFU SEISAKUSHO does not use air transport for product exports, but we use shipping to reduce environmental impact.

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