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CHOFU’s commitment to create a sustainable society

We carefully examine environmental and social issues and make contributions to sustainable developments as we strive for better living for all.

We are dedicated to bringing protection and harmony to people, society, and the global environment. By committing to create and realize a sustainable society, CHOFU SEISAKUSHO pursues technology rooted in sustainable energy and system that corresponds to climate change while pursuing development, production, and consumption pattern of products that apply such technology.

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Developing people-friendly and eco-friendly products

We promote energy conservation through eco-friendly design. CHOFU has a lineup of wide-ranging recyclable energy products.

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Effort to become carbon neutral

CHOFU SEISAKUSHO has implemented diverse measures to become carbon neutral

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Eco-friendly manufacturing process


In order to use limited resources with care, we promote waste reduction, recycling, and waste reuse. We accelerate the transition to a circular economy that efficiently uses recycled resources. We have been carrying out reuse and recycle activities in our plants by segregating and recycling waste for a long time.

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Use of recyclable energy

We introduced a re-energy system and are actively promoting the reduction of GHG emissions to move towards a sustainable society.
PV panels are set up on our plants’ roofs (head office and Utsunomiya).
These panels can generate a total of 12.6 MW electric power.

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Contribution to SDGs

SDGs stand for Sustainable Development Goals.
SDGs are goals adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015 by 193 United Nations member states. These member states have agreed to achieve these goals over the next 15 years from 2016 to 2030.
We have established a goal that has deep ties with our global business.
We will contribute to solving social issues and support the realization of these goals through our business.

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