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About CHOFU’s
CO2 Heat Pump System

CO2 heat pump system technology originates in Japan, and CHOFU has been manufacturing this product for nearly 20 years. Natural refrigerant takes in aerothermal energy, exchanges it, and uses it to efficiently supply hot water. It emits no greenhouse gases when supplying hot water, making it an indispensable product in creating a decarbonized society.

The Reason CHOFU’s CO2 Heat Pump is Chosen

High temperature water supply

●Supplies water heated to high temperature.
●When used in Japan, provides water at temperatures as high as 90℃, so that a large amount of hot water (energy) can be stored in the tank.

High efficiency

●Heat is taken in from the ambient air, allowing more heat than the used electricity to be generated.
●The advantage of this highly efficient system is big from the perspective of both the environment and the family budget. The advantage may differ by country and region. In Japan, the cost of operation is 1/3 that of electric heaters, and 1/4 that of instantaneous gas water heaters.

Self-sufficient electricity

●While there are regions that are cutting back on FIT (feed-in tariff), converting surplus electricity into thermal energy is useful for local consumption of locally produced electricity.
●For the amount that’s lacking for personal consumption, the system can be set to heat water at hours with lower electricity prices, thus allowing for optimized use of energy.

Natural refrigerant and electricity for heat source

●Electricity is used as the energy source. Therefore, greenhouse gases are not emitted when heating water.
●Natural refrigerant is used to reduce environmental impact.
●ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) is zero and GWP (Global Warming Potential) is 1.


Depend on the market, initial cost can be reduced by using subsidies, and the invested cost can be recovered through its low running cost.

Easy to install

Monobloc type requiring no refrigerant construction.


Noise prevention structure reduces the generated noise (sound pressure level) to 38 decibels.

Remote Control

User-friendly multi-functional remote control is available.

Click here for more information on remote controls

Information on Remote Controls

Kitchen control CMR-3100PM

Bathroom control YST-3100P

Touch panel remote controls compatible with wireless LAN easily operated by touching the display is available for models in Japan.

Function Overview

●Intercom function enables communication between the bathroom and the kitchen.

●Simpler operation is possible by switching the display.

●A graph of weekly/monthly/yearly usage status of heat recovery amount in the bathtub, hot water use, and usable amount of hot water can be viewed in [Navi button].

What is a CO2 Heat Pump System?

Heat pump is a system that heats water using aerothermal energy.
It doesn’t emit greenhouse gases such as CO2 when water is heated.

Air-to-Water Heat Exchange Mechanism

Heat pump takes in ambient air heat even in winter with low outside temperature.
Heat is efficiently used as shown in the diagram below.

Heat Pump Mechanism

CO2 heat pump was first introduced in Japan, and it gradually spread to the world. Why was Japan the first? Japan is a country that lacks natural resources, and therefore is eager to develop products with high energy efficiency. Heat pump is one of such product. It uses electricity to take in ambient air heat and uses it to make hot water.

Save electricity bill

Compared to households with gas-fired water heater systems, households with heat pump water heater systems can make up to one fourth of savings on their electric bill every month.
*Savings depend on the usage condition.

Savings on the initial cost and the operating cost

Subsidies and tax exemptions that encourage the use of efficient high-energy heat pumps can be used.
*Please inquire your vendor or local government for more information.

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