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About CHOFU’s
Solar Water Heaters

A water heater that uses solar energy to heat water, allowing it to be easy on the environment and on the family budget.
CHOFU is one of Japan’s top suppliers.

Why is the CHOFU solar water heaters contribute to ECO?


Not only does it reduce your energy cost, using the solar energy does a lot to help the environment too.

Saves Money and Energy

Save big on your energy costs and save the environment as well.

High Efficiency

It collects powerful solar energy efficiently.

No emission of GHG (Greenhouse gases)

Low noise design

Zero operational cost in some models

Other type of water heater can be connected to the solar energy easily.

High heat transfer capability

Easy installation is available thanks to "Easy push-in connection"

CHOFU is one of few companies have been producing PVT(Photovoltaic Thermal Solar Collectors) in Japan.

We are developing products that combine solar power generation with solar water heaters to improve power generation efficiency and to provide hot water using solar energy.

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