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Privacy Policy

CHOFU SEISAKUSHO recognizes the importance of personal information. We will collect, use, and protect it appropriately. At the same time, we have established the following privacy policy for its safe management.

We, Chofu Seisakusho Co., Ltd, duly recognize that personal data, which we collect and use for our business transactions, is an important asset for an individual. Therefore, we shall define the privacy policy in order to comply with the laws and statutes regarding the protection of personal data.
We shall establish our autonomous rules and framework for our appropriate business practice based on the privacy policy.
Also, we shall commit the continuous improvement of the privacy policy.

1. Compliance to the laws and statutes regarding the protection of personal data

We shall properly handle the personal data in compliance with the laws and statues regarding the protection of personal data.

2. Acquisition of personal data

At the time of collecting personal data, we shall clarify the purpose of use and contact for inquiry, and collect personal data by a legitimate and fair method.

3. Use of personal data

We shall limit the use of personal data at the extent that we clarify an individual at the time of collecting the data.

4. Purpose of utilizing personal data

We will use personal data provided by customers for the following purposes.

5. Offer of personal data to a third party

We shall appropriately handle personal data, and shall not disclose personal data without the permission of the individual except cases stipulated by laws and statutes.
In case of providing personal data with a subcontractor, we shall conclude a non-disclosure agreement with the subcontractor in order to prevent the leakage and reoffer of personal data to any third party.

6. Disclosure, correction, suspension of use and deletion of personal data

We shall respect the individual right regarding personal data, and shall immediately take a necessary action when an individual requests to notify the purpose of use of personal data provided by the individual, or to disclose, correct, suspend to use, delete the personal data excluding cases stipulated by laws and statutes.

7. Appropriate management of personal data

We shall assign an administrator of personal data at every section, which handles personal data in order to achieve the appropriate management of personal data.

8. Information security

We shall properly conduct the information security countermeasures against unauthorized access and computer virus, etc. in order to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification or leak of personal data.

9. Maintenance and enhancement of information security

We shall ensure all employees and stakeholders to well understand our privacy policy, and shall make the continuous and appropriate maintenance and enhancement on it.

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