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CO2 Heat Pump
water heater

Low environmental impact product that heats water with aerothermal energy using natural refrigerant

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Gas Continuous
Flow Water Heater

Highly efficient and compact water heater worry free of running out of hot water

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Heat Pump System

Convert aerothermal energy to the heat source for hot water supply and space heaters

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Solar water heater

Eco-friendly product that heats water with solar thermal energy

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We will continue to create better products and make them widely available to contribute to the betterment of our social culture.

Based on this mission, CHOFU has been dedicated to becoming a reliable manufacturer since its foundation in 1954.


CHOFU was the first in Japan to manufacture oil-fired instantaneous boilers in 1971. This has laid the foundation for today’s energy efficient products. We offer top quality products to the society with our unchanging foresight and high technological strength.

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